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Asset management system

Does it happen often, that you cannot locate the required equipment on your site?


To help you with this issue, we offer our Asset Management System!

It is a database for your fixed and intangible assets. With it, the company is able to keep record of equipment, licenses, office tools, and any other asset. The system has adequate security systems to protect all stored information.


More about it

Asset Management System is a flexible organizer  to be used in companies of all types and sizes. From now on, asset management in your company can be easier than you think. During its development, we have made great efforts to make the system friendly to the end user. With the modular structure, we are able to adjust the system to the requirements of any industry.


When should you need our system?

  • need to locate equipment assigned to a specific user,
  • need to locate equipment using geographical data (branch),
  • stolen equipment - you can lock software's licences and/or find out serial numbers,
  • inventory of your assets,
  • locate invoices assigned to chosen assets.



  • quickly locate you equipment,
  • reduce lost - see which equipment is not used,
  • all important information in one place,
  • access 24/7,
  • flexibility - the modular structure makes it easy to adapt our system to your needs.

Do you want to learn more about it? Contact us!

Interested? Contact us!

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