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Content management system

It is important to be able to easily edit the content of your website. Over the years and after various projects, we have created our own Content Management System (CMS). This system provides a convenient and fast way to manage content on all types of websites. Shaping the content of your website is facilitated by an affordable and intuitive interface, it has the appearance of a popular text editor, such like Microsoft Word. 

You do not need to know any aspects of programming, do not even need to know the advanced computer options, the system is really friendly to everyone. From now on, you can publish your new text on the website, without the help of professionals or other persons who generate costs to your business.


We offer our own CMS in which you will appreciate:

  • intuitive interface, which eliminates interventions of a specialist,
  • easy to use options and upgrade possibilities, 
  • search engine compatibility,
  • security - over the years we have developed solutions to create a secure system,
  • our system is independent from any external software and devices,
  • our system offers excellent cost/quality relation



Our CMS was build on customers flexibilities requirements, therefore, we have prepared various tools which can be activated depending on specific website's needs. 

Below some basic tools:

  • static websites content management,
  • menu management,
  • graphics management,
  • products management,
  • statistics system linked with Google Analytics,
  • users account management,
  • order processing tool,
  • order invoicing tool.

Based on the modular structure of our CMS, we can precisely adapt the system to the needs of your business (website, e-commerce, etc.). 

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