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Integrated marketing

Well coordinated promotion of an attractive idea is the key to success. In our hands, the Integrated Marketing, is a synergy of actions in the field of advertising and communication, that gives direct and measurable results even at short time. You can choose specific actions tailored to your  budget  - instead of expensive types of advertising, we can choose among other equally effective promotion tools, and see how well they affect your brand. 

Internet - your source for new customers

Increasingly, advertising budgets are moving to the Internet, which is incomparably cheaper than the standard advertising. Results remain visible for many years in the archives pages - knowing that, we are trying to maximize the use of promotions on the Internet, without forgetting the traditional types of advertising. By combining an attractive idea with variety of marketing tools, we ensure the success of your campaign. 

Talk to your customers!

Nowadays, the communication with customers have to be complex, your business must enter into dialogue with your potential customers using all available tools and channels. This is the only way to achieve maximum effect with optimum effort. 

Remember: atractive idea + well selected tools = Sucsess


A perfect example of an integrated marketing actions is the campaign of Barack Obama.  He won the US presidential election mainly by using all traditional media, effective PR with Hollywood celebrities, social media, viral marketing, guerilla and advergaming.

Nośna idea + odpowiednio dobrane narzędzia = Sukces

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