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Issue tracking system - PM

Our issue tracking system is certainly ready to be used in all types of companies. While using our system, none of the appointments, requests or orders will be overlooked.

This system is dedicated to manage daily tasks, but also, is ready to manage wide and long projects which are crucial to you and your customers.

Based on our system, you can run knowledge databases for your employees and customers. Another advantge, is the possibility to integrate a CRM system.


Key advantages of our system:

  • multi-project management,
  • flexible way to assign users,
  • intuitive management system,
  • automatic chart and calender set-up,
  • internal messaging system,
  • automatic task progress notification,
  • freely expandable content (projects, wiki, etc.),
  • optional project time tracking system,
  • ready to integrate with: SVN, CVS, Git, Merurial, Bazzar, Darcs,
  • quick project or issue entry by e-mail,
  • definition of the workflow schemes,
  • other language versions available.


Our system posses optional modules, for example.:

  • CRM system,
  • advanced database solutions,
  • users activity charts. 

When using our system you will precisely know what your employees are doing and were are they.

Are you interested by this system? Contact us! We will prepare for you a pre-integration analysis.

Interested? Contact us!

Joanna Kowalczyk-Puc

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