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Mobile applications (Android)

Continuous technological improvements transformed our mobile phones from simple objects to extremely advanced multifunctional devices, allowing not only making calls, but also made accessible all the features available on computers. 

Using a Smartphone

Capabilities of smartphone can be quickly tested by applications which we can quickly and easily install on your device. With them, we can browse the internet, watch movies, play the best games on the market... but that's not all. By installing selected applications, we can be closer to our favorite brands (according to research, mobile phone is the most frequently used object in our everyday life).

Most smartphones on European market are running on Google’s Android and IOS. When building a mobile application, we should start with Google's Android, which powers the largest number of devices. 


Daily in the world, 850 000 devices runned on Adroid are activated, and people have them in their pockets.


  • H&M mobile application (advices and news from the H&M's fashion world)
  • BMW mobile application (links drivers to the car and gives best driving tips)


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