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SEO- what does it mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the website ranking position improvement process, resulting in higher popularity among internet users. The position in the Google ranking is dependable on about 100 factors, more or less important, some of them are known only by Google's engineers.

SEO is a long-term process, first measurable results can be perceived after few months. However, its direct benefits are remarkable. According to research: 

  • 81% of Internet users go through the first two pages of search engine results, therefore websites which are low in the ranking have poor chances to be seen,
  • 75% of internet users perceive top search engine websites as more valuable.

To summarize, websites at the to of search engine results take nearly all users. The image below shows how important is a high position in search engines.


So, what are the SEO benefits?

  • increases of the number of viewers,
  • promotion of your business without boundries,
  • very accurate, your website is viewed only by interested users,
  • opens new business opportinuities in your country and abroad,
  • well performed SEO can guarantee a top place in search engines ranking.


What can we do?

  • we perform precise analysis of your website to check its usability, functionality and compliance with latest standards,
  • we prepare a list of optimal changes to facilitate position improvement in search engines,
  • we introduce the changes ourselves or with your IT department.

SEO adjustments actions have to be performed regularly. So, we offer to our clients a complex support, we optimize your website with long-term outlook.

While we will be improving your website's position, you will have at your disposal precise tool to monitor the progress and the actual position in search engines. 

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