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Servers & Hosting

Internet services must be available 24 hours a day. Consumers are constantly searching the Internet for information about products and services. You never know when a customer will visit your website, so therefore, a good and stable hosting is one of the pillars of successful business. 


Why FEB?

First of all, we will thoroughly analyse your needs. With the results, we will be able to choose  the best solutions in both hardware and software

We work with the best data centers in Poland and Europe - we guarantee the highest service quality. We are also a CISCO, DELL, HP and IBM hardware distributor. 

By applying innovative solutions to optimize the work of servers, we are able to offer very competitive pricing, while maintaining a substantial performance of services. 

We offer several types of services: virtual servers, dedicated servers, cloud computing, VPS servers. 




  • full server administration,
  • large accounts,
  • availability of most popular database engines,
  • account on FTP server,
  • PHP,
  • Ruby,
  • e-mail through POP3 or IMAP,
  • e-mail secured with SSL,
  • statistics tool,
  • CRON,
  • regular back-up solution.

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