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Web Portals

Web Portals became popular meeting places for Internet users. After the success of social networking platforms (e.g. Facebook and nearly 850 million user accounts),we have seen that the potential is hidden in the build-up of a community around a single location on the Internet. If you have an idea for an interesting Web Portal and would like to translate it into real business, please contact our specialist.


True or False?

  • "Web Portal is a money making machine" - a lot of people think so, unfortunately, not always it is the case. You must be able to select best which have a real chance to break through the Internet. 
  • "Must have a lot of cool tools and systems" - unfortunately it works the opposite way,. It is much better, if the level of the portal is developed, together with the level of popularity, and not vice versa. Users are not able to assimilate as many possibilities in a short time
  • "It doesn’t cost much!" - yes, it does. Perhaps, at the initial stage a web portal is not as expensive project, however to maintain regular developments, as the popularity increase, we need to be ready for large investments. 

Resuming, to createa successful web portal you need to analyses in depth all aspects of the project. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult this project with us and take advantage of our experience.



We have experience in the creation of national web portals, such as (one of the most popular wedding web portals in Poland) and While creating web portals, it is very important to use our experience, because we will not repeat same mistakes, which will make you save money. We tell you what you need to focus during the implementation, and what ideas you should let go. 

Contact us and see what can we do for you!

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