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Website Audit

What is a website audit?

 If, you are not sure that: 

  • your website or e-store is in compliance with the highest standards,
  • your website should undergo some significant changes,
  • your new website is well designed and works as it should,
  • your website has all modern solutions and applications,

then, a website audit presented by FEB will give you all the answers and advises for future directions.


What could we do ?

Visual analysis (graphics)

Navigation analysis

Content analysis

  1. Billboards and graphics analysis
  2. Targeted group analysis
  3. Statistics analysis
  4. E-marketing elements
  5. Usability
    1. Web Usability
    2. User Experience
    3. EyeTracking
  6. Technical analysis
    1. Home page source code
    2. MobileREADY test
    3. Search engine test 
  7. SEO i SEM       
  8. Competitors Web Image analysis
  9. Design of the home page
  10. Design of subpages


When should I do it?

You should conduct a website audit every year.


How much does it cost?

From few hundreds to few thousands euro.


How long does it take?

On average it takes few days, we do not need your presence and time.


Is it worth a try?

Definitely YES! A well conducted audit will bring to you a lot of useful tips and advices. It will eliminate all errors and mistakes which were slowing down the popularity increase of your website. 

Interested? Contact us!

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