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Windows Configurator - IC Window

IC Window is an intelligent windows online configurator, dedicated to manufacturers and distributors, which would like to to configure, price and sell their products via the internet. It delivers direct benefits to B2C and B2B sectors.

IC Window is part of IC COMPLEX - intelligent configurators to sell joinery products via the Internet.


This e-showroom has been designed specifically for this industry. It is a completely new product on the market.


The implementation of this system, will provide you with, a new competitive advantage through the introduction of additional benefits for your actual and potential 24hours a day and 7 days a week. When at home, your customers will have the opportunity to configure and order over the Internet windows they really need. Our configurator can also be treated as an independent price comparison tool, which takes into account all the parameters of a particular manufacturer.


The main characteristics for manufacturers / distributors :

  • intelligent window sizes adjustments tool,
  • unprecedented features,
  • easy modifications selected options and prices,
  • ordering process does not involve staff,
  • e-mail notification to staff and customers about the order placement,
  • the company gets a detailed order and can transfer it directly to production.


Additional benefits:

  • sales reports available instantaneously,
  • access to all registered clients e-mails (potential customers),
  • expandable on request (manufacturers specifications),
  • easy to adapt with the design of any company,
  • dedicated Content Management System.


Main advantages for your customers:

  • easy to use system, a logical order process,
  • can  configure exact parameters of the product (window-size),
  • intelligent parameterisation – no need to have the expertise in the field, 
  • preview of the selections at all steps of the ordering process,
  • return to any step without losing your settings,
  • on-line price calculation  - with one click, customers can choose a more suitable solution,

This e-showroom, as opposed to traditional consultant, will always suggest what options are available in the selected line of windows.


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Additional configurators!

IC COMPLEX – is a group of intelligent configurators to sell joinery products via Internet. At this moment, we can deliver to you, following modules, which can work together: IC Blind, IC Shutter, IC Awning, IC Door, IC Garage Doors, IC Gate. 



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