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Work time tracking system

Have you ever wondered, how much time is wasted at work when browsing the Internet (social media, news, etc.), chatting with colleagues and doing other non important tasks? We have a simple system, which not only allows to eliminate such issues, but also acts to your staff as a self-development tool for efficient planning .


Transparent time management tool:

System offers very transparent interface, therefore all changes and adjustments can be done by your employees.

Our system contains:

  • users accounts,
  • independent task and issues registration,
  • clear tasks categories,
  • daily and monthly report generation.


Our target customers?

  • small and medium companies,
  • multi-office companies, which need frequent and fast information from other locations,
  • project management companies,
  • companies which requires time controlling tools to improve their effectiveness.

Our system meets all EU requirements. It take cares of your employees' work time registration and communicates in case of excessive work time. 


Further possibilities

It is possible to add on more required IT modules. The system is flexible and allows further development. We are ready to adjust the system to your business specific requirements. 

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